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Front giving kids comedy education

Rebecca Front has said she has been giving her children home schooling in comedy.

The Thick Of It star said she thought it was important for her offspring to have a good understanding of the background of comedy and has been enjoying putting together a "comedy curriculum" for them.

She said: "My children are now of an age where we're trying to sort of give them a comedy education. They've watched bits of Dad's Army and all of Fawlty Towers because they loved it so much that we ended up watching the whole two series.

"There are certain classic ones which I think are absolutely cornerstones. Father Ted is another one, again we watched all of the Father Teds. It follows all the rules of a sitcom and yet it's completely nutty and it can go in any direction. I really wanted them to see that and see how you can be quite anarchic in sitcoms.

"We're watching a lot of American stuff at the moment because there are a few things that they're completely hooked on and now I've got hooked on through them, like The Middle and Modern Family and Arrested Development which we've been watching endlessly.

"It's quite a nice kind of education to insist that your kids have. It's really good fun to sit down and watch three more episodes of Arrested Development together."

Rebecca said that while she was wary of assuming her kids would follow her into comedy, she already uses their material.

She said: "It's quite easy with your own children to assume that they're going to do something that you do because naturally as a parent you think they're the funniest child in the world. Having said that they are both really funny kids, they make me laugh enormously. I quite often will run ideas past them or even incorporate stuff that they've said.

"I do Sunday morning round up of the news type shows on Five Live and a few times I've been on my way in and my son's said something really funny about a news story and I've said, 'Right, I'm using that'. I always credit him obviously, but I don't pay him."

:: Rebecca Front is appearing in sitcom panel show Jo Brand's Great Wall Of Comedy on Sundays on Gold at 7.30pm.


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