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Frostbit Boy's face tattooed onto man's leg, says Co Down tattoo parlour

The tattoo of 'Frostbit Boy' that Eye Candy Tattoo Studio says was inked onto a customer's leg
The tattoo of 'Frostbit Boy' that Eye Candy Tattoo Studio says was inked onto a customer's leg

In a sure sign the world has gone mad, 'Frostbit Boy' has been immortalised in a tattoo.

The face of Ruairi McSorley, who has found fame for his unique accent, has been inked onto a man's leg at a Co Down tattoo parlour.

The Northern Ireland teenager took the internet by storm when a clip of him speaking to a UTV reporter went viral.

And now the owner of Eye Candy Tattoo Studio in Bangor says he tattooed Ruairi's face on a customer's leg after a lighthearted joke.

Brian Tipping said the customer in question - known only as "Carl" - is shy and wishes to stay anonymous.

"He was in the day before, getting another tattoo. It was kind of mentioned, and he said 'I'd love that," he said.

"The reaction has been crazy - the Facebook page is going mental".

"It's totally split - some love it, some hate it".

Responding to critics who say he should have refused to do the tattoo, Tipping said he has "quite stong morals" on tattoos.

"It's been a talking point.... (but) I only ever refuse to do nazi or sectarian tattoos".

"Ninety per cent of what I do is serious. I would hope this wouldn't have a negative effect - people thinking I only do silly tattoos. A lot of passion goes into it".

Tipping says the tattoo is much smaller than it appears in the picture, only the size of a cigarette box.

"This was just a small, silly tattoo and the guy who got it - he loves it".

As far as Ruairi, Tipping says he hasn't met him yet but that he'd be happy to offer his services.

"If he comes down for a tattoo - I'll sort him out!"

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