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Fry quits Twitter over safety fears

Stephen Fry has mysteriously quit Twitter for safety reasons.

The QI host sent one last message to his 7.8 million followers saying he was leaving and would be back on the social networking site in December, but didn't explain why apart from suggesting it would be unsafe for him to tweet for now.

He wrote: "Closing down on Twitter while filming. In a place whence I've been advised it is safest not to tweet. See you December. Here goes..."

The bio on the side of the page now reads: "Away November: sadly not taking new tweet requests all month."

The fact the TV star and comedian mentioned "filming" has sparked speculation that he might have landed a secret role in the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Stephen, 57, has taken a break from Twitter before. In 2009 he took time off because he felt there was too much "unkindness" around.


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