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Fry to narrate Hidden Kingdoms

Stephen Fry has signed up to narrate a natural history series about some of the world's smallest creatures.

The actor and comedian will be the voice of Hidden Kingdoms on BBC One which will shine a light on creatures including chipmunks, dung beetles and the S outh American tree shrew, and the dangers they face.

The BBC's head of commissioning for natural history and science Kim Shillinglaw said: " Stephen provides the perfect story-telling tone for this extraordinary series. We make a lot of films about the planet's bigger animals, but the goal this time was to immerse viewers in what it is like to be some of the smallest creatures in the natural world.

"More often than not they are the prey in a world of predators - they live in a world where an acorn seems like a meteor and a tiny trickle of water can appear to be a flood. These little heroes may be small, but they lead very dramatic lives which Hidden Kingdoms vividly brings to life so that you can get closer to hearing and seeing the world as they do than ever before."

Stephen previously voiced a series on Ocean Giants for the BBC.


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