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Gaga gets cosy with Dot Cotton star

Lady Gaga has cosied up to veteran EastEnders star June Brown and adjusted her dress as they shared a sofa.

The unlikely duo hit it off when they were both guests on the Graham Norton Show, with the chart-topping singer telling the 86-year-old: "You look amazing."

Gaga even helped herself to a slurp from the Dot Cotton star's glass of wine, declaring: "I want to drink from your cup to see what those genes are."

The pair both feature in the November 8 edition of the BBC One show, with the Applause hitmaker leaning over to June and adjusting her outfit with pins from her own outlandish headgear, created from a plume of black feathers.

Gaga, renowned for her over-the-top outfits, performed in two costumes on the show - her feathered headpiece and a Marc Jacobs ensemble with sheer black top, as well as a skimpy costume with a seashell bra which made her look like Botticelli's Venus.

The singer told presenter Graham it was her experiments with fashion which keep her on track.

She said: "It's how I deal with my insanity. From when I was young I had voices in my head and for the longest time I was drinking and doing a lot of drugs and it was the clothing and the artistry that saved me. I get sheer joy out of creativity, it's like a psychedelic experience for me."

June said her own eye-catching dress, which showed off her legs, was an attempt to compete with Gaga, as she declared: "I had to outdo her."

Gaga claimed she was familiar with the actress's role in the Walford soap, telling her: "Actually I am a really big fan of yours. You are so fabulously dressed I am honoured to be sitting next to you."

The singer - who releases her fourth album Artpop next week - also revealed that she spoils Sir Elton John's two children in her role as godmother.

"I bring them presents all the time. I spoil the hell out of them. They are the most beautiful kids and I've never seen such a loving family. They are absolutely the symbol of the future modern family," she said.

Discussing the injury which led to world tour dates being cancelled earlier this year, Gaga said: "I broke my hip - and who dances on a broken hip for three months and doesn't know? The thing is when you are on a tour for that long, everything hurts and it's not a possibility to me to cancel. I can't say no and I can't stop. I felt dead not performing."

:: The Graham Norton Show is on November 8 on BBC One at 10.35pm.


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