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Game of Thrones fans say NI actor Conleth Hill's reaction to widely panned final season 'says it all'

A clip from a Game of Thrones documentary showing actor Conleth Hill's disgruntled reaction during a table read of the final season script has gone viral.

Fans claimed that in a scene from Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, Conleth appeared "p***ed off" as he reads of his character's grisly death in the penultimate episode.

The Ballycastle-born star had played Lord Varys, the ‘Master of Whisperers’ since the global blockbuster series began in 2011.

As Emilia Clarke reads the lines of Daenerys Targaryen that sentence Lord Varys to death, Conleth folds the script in half, puts it down, leans back and crosses his arms.

Lena Headey, who played Cersei Lannister, comfortingly takes Hill's hand and Emilia throws Conleth a sympathetic glance as a narrator reads out how Varys is burned to death by Drogon.

Game of Thrones fans took to Twitter to discuss the 54-year-old's reaction to the widely panned eighth season of the fantasy epic.

"Conleth Hill closing the script before finishing reading and putting it in the middle of the table with 'I don't need your garbage' face is the mood of the whole season," wrote one user.

"He had like five lines all season. Why would he need a script for that?  I’m sure he was less than pleased," another fan tweeted.

Another user said that the clip of Conleth "represents most GOT fans".

"His face at the end is us after we finished watching the last two episodes," wrote a fan, after a petition demanding a remake of series eight “with competent writers” gathered a million signatures ahead of the show’s finale.

Speaking previously to the Belfast Telegraph, the actor de­scribed being “inconsolable” when his role as the gossip-mon­gering eunuch came to a grisly end, being roasted to death by a dragon.

Conleth said: “I was so de­pressed to find out Varys was be­ing killed off. Storywise, it was a brilliant decision and it was a great way to go.

“But I was inconsolable at the time we filmed it. I didn’t think Varys would be powerful or on the throne or anything like that. But personally, it still hurt.”

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