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Game of Thrones: Piracy fears prompt HBO to simulcast Season 5 in 170 countries - but not in the UK

New episodes will air simultaneously in 170 countries

By Matilda Battersby

Game of Thrones season 5 will be broadcast simultaneously around the world in a bid to reduce piracy. But British viewers will have to wait 19 hours to catch up on what the Lannisters and Daenerys Targaryen have been up to.

Sky Atlantic today confirmed that plans to broadcast the new episodes for British subscribers are unchanged despite HBO revealing it will air the programme at the same time in 170 countries around the world.

Game of Thrones is one of the most illegally-downloaded television shows in the world. In previous seasons episodes were time shifted for other territories, or even delayed weeks or months, which led to a demand for pirated versions.

The move by HBO has also been made to appease George RR Martin fans worried about spoilers in the time lag between the US broadcast and elsewhere - many fans are planning to stay up and watch however antisocial the time difference turns out to be.

However, Sky Atlantic which broadcasts the drama in the UK has not agreed to the deal which means British fans will have to wait 19 hours longer than the rest of the world to find out the latest from the fantasy epic.

Fans have launched a petition to try and persuade the broadcaster to change its mind.

Source: Independent

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