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Garson: SATC fashion follows me

Willie Garson has confessed he feels he is expected to dress well for any role after starring in Sex And The City.

The 48-year-old actor - famous for playing Carrie's gay best friend Stanford Blatch in SATC - stars as conman Mozzie in hit US drama White Collar, who dresses well even though he is a criminal.

Willie said: "With me now on television the big elephant in the room is that with Sex And The City, I'm kind of like fashion iconic, so anything I play people expect me to walk onto camera 'dressed', in some way."

He admitted of Mozzie: "He is a little bit of a dandy in his outfits."

In White Collar, paranoid genius Mozzie and his best friend Neal, played by Matt Bomer, have teamed up with FBI agent Peter to help solve crimes, in return for convicted conman Neal being allowed to stay out of prison.

Willie laughed: "In the first season, I had this idea that Mozzie would always be wearing like an Ascot scarf [cravat] - it didn't work, it was a little too foppish! I call it homeless chic, that's how Mozzie dresses."

Season two of White Collar has just begun airing in the UK.

Willie said: "It's pretty easy to catch up. The world's finest conman of international proportions is allowed to come out of prison if he will help the FBI solve other white collar crimes. As he is such a master of it he knows what's in the head of every other criminal.

"What's great about this show is the mythology isn't so overwhelming that you can't hop on at any point. Our writers are really smart in that each episode also has a caper of the week, that is wrapped up pretty tidily in that episode so it's still fun to watch."

:: White Collar airs on Alibi on Tuesdays at 10pm.


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