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Gary Lineker looks back to bad hair days

Gary Lineker has turned back the clock to sport his iconic 80s football look - semi-mullet and all.

Luckily though, his drastic fashion transformation is all for show.

To celebrate a new crisp campaign he's revived iconic fashion styles covering three decades in a photo shoot.

His looks range from punk rocker to Brit Pop, and he spent more than four hours in make-up.

"It was a real blast from the past recreating different looks from the 80's 90's and 00's," he said, "Trust Walkers to ask me to recreate an image from my football heyday!

"On reflection I think this is perhaps one best left in the past."

The Walkers Bring It Back campaign sees five former flavours of crisps being revived to tickle tastebuds.

The winning flavour will stay on shelves permanently - unlike Lineker's fashion looks which luckily can't be voted for.


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