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Gatiss: Faked death enrages Watson

Sherlock star and co-writer Mark Gatiss has revealed Dr Watson may not be pleased to see Sherlock, when he returns from the dead in the new series.

The last cliff-hanger episode of the hit TV show saw Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and nemesis Moriarty plunge to their apparent death from the roof of St Bart's hospital in London.

Gatiss revealed that, as in Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's story The Adventure Of The Empty House, Sherlock will surprise his friend Watson, played by Martin Freeman, when he reveals he faked his death. And Watson won't be quite as understanding as he was in the original story.

Gatiss said: "There's certain things about The Adventure Of The Empty House which feel set in stone because that's how Sherlock comes back, but at the same time we feel free to invent and to introduce new stuff to it.

"I always found it a little unlikely that Dr Watson's only reaction was to faint for instance - as supposed to possibly a stream of terrible swear words."

The League Of Gentleman star revealed he and co-creator Steven Moffat take a "magpie approach" when sourcing material for the TV series from among the original 56 short stories and four novels when writing the show.

He said: "Everybody has their favourites, Steven and I have our all-time favourites, but it's really a question of what will fit into the structure. We're sort of guided by our idea for the overall feel of the next three stories."


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