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Gatiss: Poirot blessed my wedding

Mark Gatiss has revealed David Suchet blessed his marriage in character as Poirot.

The Sherlock and Doctor Who writer is a big fan of Agatha Christie's Belgian detective and has both appeared in and adapted an episode for the ITV series which came to an end this week after 25 years.

Mark revealed: "It's a very personal thing this, but when I was in Poirot a few years ago I was filming the day before I got married and I had a wonderful day on the set - everyone was so lovely, we'd been filming in Morocco and everything was very joyous, and I thought 'Isn't this lovely, I'm in Poirot!'

"And as I was leaving David came over to wish me good luck, and when he's dressed as Poirot he still does the voice and everything, and he kind of blessed me as Poirot. It sounds slightly silly but it really moved me, it felt like all my Sunday nights were patting me on the head, it was very charming of him."

Mark's partner, actor Ian Hallard, has also appeared in Poirot.

He admitted it was "happy-sad" seeing David's reign as Poirot come to an end.

He said: "It's bittersweet, it's been with us for 25 years, David Suchet has done an amazing thing, clocking up all these ones, and it's an immutable part of our Sunday night I think."


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