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Gavin Rossdale: 'The Voice doesn't help their winners like The X Factor'

Gavin Rossdale felt that bosses on The Voice were always "chasing their tails".

Gavin Rossdale has attributed The Voice winners' lack of success to a lack of support for its victors.

The 51-year-old singer was a judge on the last series of the British talent show, which singer Mo Adeniran won. Despite emerging from the programme victorious, Mo has had little success on the charts, with his debut single Unsteady only reaching number 78, which Gavin thinks has a lot to do with how he has been handled since his win.

The Bush frontman even referenced the way rival show The X Factor treat their winners, with victors including Louisa Johnson and Matt Terry having gone on to obtain chart hits.

"What the X Factor does so well that they don’t is they are a bit more prepared between the label and the show," Gavin said during an interview with the Daily Mirror. "They seem to test them with a few songs and have a lot more ready to go with the artist. It just feels a little bit on The Voice like they are chasing their tails - all the while in the competition.

"You have to have an idea of who someone is and what will help them be the best performer they are. They should improve it by having ideas all the way through of what material the winner would bring out.

"It just sort of felt a bit rushed at the end. Oh they won - here sing this song. They weren’t very good songs. They need to strike while the iron is hot - not have a seven month lull - they let the metal cool down."

Gavin is now concentrating on his own music career, and will be hitting the road in the U.K. with Bush to promote their new single The Beat Of Your Heart. And the prospect of going on tour again is one that father-of-four Gavin is very much looking forward to.

"I have so much going on with Bush with the tour and a new label, I surprise myself that all these years later I’m still excited about everything," he smiled. "I’ve loved being on the road, especially with my children acting as roadies. If you give them a flashlight they are happy."

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