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Gavin Rossdale's split from Gwen Stefani influenced new album

The rocker found some songs inspired by the split too personal to release.

Gavin Rossdale’s divorce from Gwen Stefani has had a significant effect on his music.

The Bush frontman, who split from the singer in 2016 after 13 years of marriage, reveals his highly publicised divorce affected his work, and while promoting his new album, Black and White Rainbows, the 51-year-old sat down with Entertainment Tonight and shared how his break-up shaped the record.

"It obviously informs the record,” he said. "It's hard to separate yourself from the most monumental thing that happens in your life if you're an artist.”

Yet the rocker admits that some tracks were far too personal to release.

"There were certain songs that weren't right," Rossdale explained. "They were written for me to write, in the purest sense. Just to write to kind of escape my life a little bit or to understand it."

Though he has decided to protect certain aspects of his private life, the British star admits that being open with fans has been rewarding.

"Whether it's personal, whether it's going through my divorce, whether it's seeing these images on the TV of these people or feeling the effects of global warming, I just tried to be mindful of having elements of my own life and then elements of things going on around us," he added. "Because you can't be so self-absorbed that you just write stuff about yourself."

As for his ex-wife, Rossdale has only kind words to say about The Voice host.

"She's amazing, so why would I think anything less?"

Stefani has also opened up about how her divorce shaped her music - while promoting her album This is What the Truth Feels Like in March, 2016, the 47-year-old spoke candidly about using her music as a way of coping with the breakup.

"It's so therapeutic to talk about it," Stefani told ET, "and I hope it saves some other lives. I really, really truly do hope that. That's the message I wanna give."

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