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Geller excited about documentary


Uri Geller is the subject of a new BBC Two documentary

Uri Geller is the subject of a new BBC Two documentary


Uri Geller is the subject of a new BBC Two documentary

Uri Geller has said his new TV documentary will prove he "really genuinely has powers".

The magician, who is famous for his spoon-bending, is the subject of a new BBC Two documentary in which he says he has long been working for international intelligence agencies as a 'psychic spy'.

In it, the acclaimed Oscar-winning director Vikram Jayanti speaks to a number of high-ranking officials who admit that they have employed Uri to help with operations. The documentary also details the CIA-funded scientific research conducted on Uri over the years to test his abilities.

The star said the prospect of a full-scale exploration into his secret work left him both excited and apprehensive.

"For 40 years I've been quirky, bizarre, strange and unusual," he said. "Many people don't believe in what I do and when they see this film, I think they'll get a shock at how many tests I've gone through."

He added: "I didn't believe Vikram would get all the information he did get because I didn't believe anyone from those agencies would talk to him. But of course when a person of such credibility approaches you, people started talking and that's where the dangerous part is too, because when I saw this part of the documentary I thought, 'My God, what did I let myself into?'."

Uri admitted that the hullabaloo surrounding him provided a convenient diversion to conceal his secret work.

"I believe the camouflage I've been wearing all these years is that I am a showman," he said. "I am an entertainer and that was probably overpowering the revelations.

"I have used this controversy as good publicity for myself over the years. I manipulated it to protect me but I think I will be exposed as a person who really genuinely has powers."

:: The Secret Life Of Uri Geller is on BBC Two on Sunday, July 21.