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George: Midwife outfits so tight!

Helen George has revealed she finds it hard to eat on the Call The Midwife set - because her clothes are too tight.

The actress plays nurse Trixie in the hit 50s-set drama, and although she loves wearing the vintage fashions she admitted there is a down side.

She said: "We've had an amazing costume designer, and I'm told vintage fashions suit me - it's a period that really accentuates a woman's curves. They hold you in in all the right places, so it's quite flattering. It's tough to eat on set sometimes though, because I'm sewn into my dresses and trousers because they are so tight. I'm thinking 'I can't even sit down properly, so eating pasta probably wasn't a good idea'."

Helen, who doesn't have children, said working with babies on the period drama has been a "learning curve".

"I've not been around children and babies much in my life because I'm the youngest in my family, but I know how to hold a baby and change a nappy now, so it's been a good sort of schooling for me in my personal life!" she said.

The actress is currently getting ready to start shooting the third series and can't wait to be reunited with the rest of the cast, which includes Jessica Raine, Jenny Agutter and Miranda Hart.

"There's a great chemistry when we're all together - that's what I'm looking forward to most, spending the summer with the girls because we all get on so well, and it's really nice that there are so many women," she said.

But Helen refused to let slip any details about the upcoming series.

"We don't start filming until next week, and we've been sworn to secrecy, so you'll have to wait and see!" she teased.

:: Call The Midwife is coming to UKTV's brand new TV channel, Drama, which launches on Monday July 8 on Freeview channel 20. It can be seen on Wednesdays at 9pm from July 10.


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