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Geri Horner's husband surprised her with old car gift

The singer sold the motor after leaving the Spice Girls in 1998.

Geri Horner was recently reunited with the sports car she owned during her Spice Girls heyday after her husband tracked down the vehicle as a birthday surprise.

The British pop star had always dreamed of owning her own convertible after receiving a toy version from her father when she was seven.

"Thanks to dad, one of my earliest childhood treasures was a little red sports car, and I always dreamed of owning one just like it," she explains in upcoming BBC documentary Geri's 1990s: My Drive to Freedom.

After finding fame with the Spice Girls in 1996, Geri, who lost her dad Laurence in 1993, used her new-found fortune to make her driving dreams a reality and treated herself to a red MGB Roadster.

She made use of the car for a couple of years, before deciding to sell off many of her material possessions after quitting the Spice Girls in 1998.

"I was moving on from the band and I wanted... a fresh start, and I thought we could do some good (with) all the things I accumulated," she recalls. "It was one of those things that felt very cleansing, but I think I was always a little bit nostalgic and regretful if I'm honest (about selling the car), and I would always harp on (moan) about it."

Geri's inability to let go of the memory of her favourite car subsequently prompted her husband, Formula One boss Christian Horner, to track down the vehicle and buy it back as a special birthday present.

"On my birthday, my lovely husband found the very car, I think it was 17 years later after I sold it," gushed Geri, who turned 44 last August (16). "The guy that had bought it in Yorkshire (England) had still got it (sic).

"I swear to you I started crying when I saw it, I couldn't believe it. This car represents the '90s dream, the freedom. This little MGB Roadster is me, I just love it."

The singer, who wed Christian in 2015, shows off the treasured vehicle in the documentary, which airs in the U.K. on Saturday (11Mar17).

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