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Gervais is Peta's person of 2013

Ricky Gervais has been named Peta's Person Of The Year for 2013.

The comedian received the honour for using "his influence and wit to defend animals day after day".

The star often comments on animal welfare online, like last month when he joined thousands of other people in slamming wildlife presenter Melissa Bachman for posing with a dead lion she had hunted.

Peta - People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals - said on its website: "When he's not making fans laugh in shows such as Derek and The Office or sharing pictures of his beloved companion cat, Ollie, Ricky is often to be found on Twitter, letting his 5.3 million followers know how important animals are and slamming anyone who neglects or abuses them.

"He's always entertaining, but it's a sign of his calibre as a comedian that he doesn't go for cheap laughs - with Ricky, animals are never the butt of the joke."

The organisation also listed some of their favourite quotes from Ricky about animal cruelty.

One said: "When xmas shopping please don't buy into cruelty. No real fur, no foie gras, & don't give anyone a Cliff Richard calendar. That's just nasty."


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