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Gervais: No Golden Globe extras

Ricky Gervais has said it's unlikely he'll host the Golden Globes again.

The actor and comedian presented the awards for the second time earlier this year, when his string of jokes about Hollywood stars sparked controversy.

He told Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show: "I don't think I should do it. I did it twice. I wanted to improve on the first time and I think I did that. I think I'll probably leave it there."

Ricky defended his jokes, saying: "I feel the same way as I felt at the time. I didn't do anything wrong.

"I crossed a line? Who drew the line? I didn't draw the line. Where is this line? It wasn't that bad. If they saw my stand-up their head would explode!

"I was poking fun at a room full of people who pretend to be someone else all day. It wasn't a room full of wounded soldiers. These are Hollywood actors!"

The comic, who voices the role of a talking dog in the new film Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World, added: "I don't think they were that annoyed anyway. I think controversy breeds controversy. I don't think there was anything cutting-edge or nasty or particularly controversial about it."


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