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Gervais talks to God on Twitter


Ricky Gervais enjoyed a chat with 'God' on Twitter

Ricky Gervais enjoyed a chat with 'God' on Twitter

Ricky Gervais enjoyed a chat with 'God' on Twitter

Ricky Gervais has apparently turned to God - for a chat on social media.

The comedian - who is a fervent atheist - reached out to a spoof Twitter account @The TweetOfGod for answers on Father's Day. But 'God' soon managed to engage the Derek star in conversation, with a series of quick-witted replies.

Ricky began by asking 'God': "What did you, as your son, get you, your own dad, for father's day?"

TheTweetOfGod replied: " As My own son, for Father's Day I bought Myself a necktie. And as My own father, I thanked Myself and silently felt disappointed yet again."

The anonymous Twitter then added, in a message which has since been deleted: "By the way @rickygervais, thanks as always for the many prayers you directed My way last night, as you secretly do every night. #faitheist."

Ricky hit back: "They were to Zeus actually but you just kept listening in."

The Office star then decided to consult 'God' on England's defeat by Italy in the first match of the World Cup.

Ricky asked: "What were you thinking with that result though? You're English for f***'s sake. Have a bit of patriotism."

In another deleted tweet 'God' answered: "No, @rickygervais, I'm not English. I save your queen purely out of the goodness of my heart."

Ricky retorted: "Oh, my mistake. You did give Rock and Roll to us though, right? And it is you who's been giving and taking away stuff yeah?"

He later added: "That's the best conversation I've ever had with @TheTweetOfGod. Twitter is great. With praying I feel I may as well be talking to myself."

@TheTweetOfGod then wrote: "My account isn't fake. It's absolutely real. The only reason it's not verified is being verified has never been My style."

Ricky replied: "I'm convinced. Enjoy your day off :)."