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Gervais wants to push boundaries

Ricky Gervais is threatening to push the comedy boundaries at this year's Golden Globes.

Speaking on the red carpet to US television network to E! the comedian joked how he's ready to walk the line of broadcasting standards.

"I think I'll go just close enough to the edge but not go over it," he admitted sporting a stylish black Ted Baker suit.

He admitted: "I'll be close to their edge, but I'm not going to go crazy."

The 49-year-old, who's presenting the show for the second year running, confessed it can be awkward making jokes about the stars when they're sat right in front of you.

"I look 'em in the eye and then I've got see them afterwards," he laughed.

"I'm not worried about the celebrities, they're alright, they're not scary!"

Ricky revealed he's most looking forward to "when it's over and I'm backstage having my first beer".


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