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Giamatti happy not to be recognised

Paul Giamatti has said he prefers not being recognised.

Despite an illustrious career spanning two decades, the Golden Globe-winning actor is largely left alone by the paparazzi, a fact he is glad about.

"I can go about my daily life and for the most part, people don't recognise me - it has definitely increased a lot more, but it's never been on any uncomfortable level so it's fine," he said.

"I've played a lot of laconic, cynical characters so people totally expect me to be like that too. Maybe that's a good thing because then they don't bother me in airports."

Paul, who stars in Barney's Version with Rosamund Pike and Dustin Hoffman, said working with the former Bond girl was a dream come true.

"She's fantastic. I'm sort of obsessed with her since I first saw Die Another Day," he revealed.

"I had this weird determination to somehow work with this woman at some point, so I was ecstatic when they cast her. She's gorgeous. When I heard they were thinking about her, I immediately said you don't need to think about anybody else."

:: Barney's Version is in cinemas now.


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