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Giant Freddie Mercury statue 'nicked' by Queen bandmate Roger Taylor

By Sherna Noah

Queen star Roger Taylor upset his bandmate Brian May by "nicking" the Freddie Mercury statue from the front of the theatre where We Will Rock You played, writer Ben Elton has claimed.

The hit musical, which was penned by Elton and based on Queen songs, finally closed in May after 12 years at the Dominion Theatre.

The giant, golden statue of the late Queen frontman Mercury, which towered over the entrance of the London theatre during its run, now stands in drummer Taylor's garden.

But Elton told Radio Times magazine that the Queen rocker whisked the statue from the West End theatre to his home while guitarist May was away.

"It's in Roger Taylor's garden, which I believe Brian May is not happy with," Elton said.

"Freddie was their brother, they were a collective, so Roger or Brian should have it.

"And Roger nicked it, literally. He hired a truck and just took it. Phil McIntyre (whose company co-produced the show) was up getting it off the roof and Roger said, 'Drive it to my place.'

"I think Brian was away. So, Roger stole Freddie from Brian."

Despite being panned by critics, We Will Rock You enjoyed huge success.

The production was seen by more than 16 million people in 28 countries.

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