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Gibson: Twitter helped me shape up

Josie Gibson has thanked her Twitter critics - because they gave her the motivation to lose weight.

The former Big Brother winner has released a fitness DVD after losing four stone, and put her success down to online bullies.

"I've been getting [Twitter abuse] ever since I came out of the Big Brother house, but it was inevitable. I did not realise how many nasty, vindictive, sad, pathetic and horrible people there are in the world," Josie said.

"But to be honest, I'm so happy that they've said the things they've said because they've been my biggest motivators. So I want to thank them all!"

Josie also revealed her fiance Luke Sanwo has been supportive of her body transformation.

"He loves it. Luke likes a big bird anyway, so he wouldn't mind what size I was! He did get a bit worried at first because when he met me I was quite big, but he's all right now. He says he isn't going anywhere!"

:: Josie Gibson's 30-Second Slim, released by Universal Pictures, is out now.


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