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Gillan enjoyed sword fight scenes

Karen Gillan has revealed she enjoyed a spot of sword fighting for the latest series of Doctor Who - but the sight of her with a weapon in her hand was enough to have her co-stars heading for the Tardis.

The long-legged beauty - who plays the Time Lord's sidekick Amy Pond in the hit BBC series - got to try out her fighting skills in the third episode of the new series, the pirate-themed The Curse Of The Black Spot.

Karen said during filming that the episode had been her favourite so far because of her "piratey" costume and the fact she got to do some sword fighting.

"Everyone was really nervous when I got a sword in my hand, and quite rightly so," she grins. "But actually, I was rather co-ordinated, which surprises you all, I bet.

"I really, really got into it, and I would like to take up sword-fighting as a hobby."

It's clear Karen is fond of her character and is keen to show she's more than just an action hero.

"With the last series, I wanted to keep her guarded. She doesn't like to show her emotions because she wants to be strong," she said.

"But in this series, there are cracks starting to form in that exterior and we're starting to see other aspects of her.

"Actually, in one episode we've just filmed, it was really difficult because it was about something I've never experienced before," she adds, cryptically. "I didn't feel as if I could relate to it because it's never happened to me."

:: Doctor Who starts on Saturday, April 23 on BBC One.


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