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Gillan loves new Shrimpton role

Karen Gillan got to go back to her favourite era for her first role outside Doctor Who since becoming the Time Lord's glamorous sidekick.

The actress, who plays the Doctor's assistant Amy Pond in the BBC One show, revealed her dream adventure would be for the Tardis to whisk her back to the Swinging Sixties.

She revealed: "I always think I'd like to go back to the Sixties, but that wouldn't be very exciting for Doctor Who, because what would the monster be?"

However, Karen will be travelling back to that decade while playing legendary model Jean Shrimpton in forthcoming BBC Four drama We'll Take Manhattan, which focuses on The Shrimp's relationship with photographer David Bailey.

"I can't wait," she admits. "I'm already well into my research now and I just love that period. When that script came along I was like, 'This is perfect for the first thing that I do after I finish Doctor Who.'

"So this'll be my first venture outside of Doctor Who, scaring me slightly but I'm just so looking forward to it. I just find it such an interesting, fascinating period."


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