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Gillan: No sex scenes in Dr Who

Karen Gillan has promised there'll be no funny business in the upcoming series of Doctor Who.

The actress' character, the Time Lord's companion Amy Pond, may have conceived a child in the Tardis with new husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), but viewers won't be privy to those scenes.

"Oh God no, it's a family show. You're not going to see any of that funny flirty business in the Tardis," she told the Daily Mirror.

"Perhaps there might be a DVD for the over-18s," she added.

Karen enjoyed seeing guest stars David Walliams and James Corden in the new series, which airs from August 27 on BBC One.

"David Walliams plays a submissive mole. It is really hard working with him as he really makes you laugh. He pulls out a cracking performance which is just brilliant," she revealed.

"James Corden is back for round two, and he and Matt (Smith aka Doctor Who) work together so well. I never get to work him, I'm never in the episodes. I just love the chemistry between him and Matt."


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