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Gillian Anderson has few moments of ‘grieving youth’

Actress Gillian Anderson doesn’t feel she’s “putting her neck out” when she broaches the subject of equal pay with TV network bosses.

Gillian Anderson has given her take on ageing in the spotlight.

The British-American actress is best known for playing strong female roles, such as Special Agent Dana Scully in the long-running TV series The X-Files and DSI Stella Gibson in crime drama The Fall.

The 48-year-old isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and claims she’s found a sense of “freedom” in embracing her age, even though she works in a youth-obsessed industry.

“I’ve had a few moments of grieving youth over the past ten years – which I think are all wonderful and necessary parts of the process. And the fact is, there’s nothing I can do about it really, or any of us can,” she told Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “And I think it’s really important just to embrace whatever stage one is at, and try to have as much self-acceptance as possible.”

The mother-of-three also says that she doesn’t think about her age for long stretches of time. But then she’ll go through a few days when she feels “old, ugly”, until she gets some sleep or “it's passed” whereby she doesn’t care too much again.

Another topic Gillian isn’t afraid to bring up is the subject of equal pay in Hollywood. The star fought to secure the same wage as her male co-stars on The X-Files, both in the ‘90s and again in 2015, when she was negotiating her return for a miniseries revival of the science-fiction show. And she believes it’s important that other actresses do the same.

“So much of the foundation of feminism is about inequality, and that is a blatant inequality. They’re not going to make The X-Files without me. They’re either going to step up to the plate or they’re not going to make them at all, so I don’t really feel that I put my neck out in any way,” she explained.

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