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Gillian Anderson to stay blonde after learning about bald facts of dying

By Colin O'Carroll

The Fall actress Gillian Anderson has revealed she was warned "her hair would fall out" if she dyed it from red to blonde for her return to the hit series filmed in Northern Ireland.

Anderson wore a red wig to film the latest episodes of The X-Files rather than dye it.

She teamed up again with co-star David Duchovny last year to film a new series of the US show that made her a household name.

Speaking of her return to the ground-breaking role as Agent Scully in The X-Files, she said: "I was told my hair would fall out if I dyed it and then went straight back to blonde for The Fall."

The new episodes of the cult show were filmed last year and the actress admitted she'd found the physicality of the role tough after so many years.

"We're both a lot older now. I used to be able to run forever, but now I'm like: my legs aren't working. The physical side was challenging," she said.

She also revealed her love for the role of DSI Stella Gibson and said she had no plans to leave the Belfast-filmed series - and would love to shoot a fourth instalment of the show about serial killer Paul Spector, who targets women.

She stars opposite local heart-throb Jamie Dornan, who plays Spector and went on to secure the lead role in one of the biggest box office films of last year, Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Anderson says that playing DSI Gibson is her career highlight.

"It's my favourite. It has been so huge for me. I find it so compelling and mysterious," she said.

The actress also defends the series against charges of glamorising violence against women.

She claims that point of view has been largely whipped up by some sections of the media, such as the Daily Mail.

She told the Observer magazine: "It's unfounded. It's not gratuitous in any way. Rather it points to the fact that there is still so much violence against women in the world.

"There are so many other series that are drastically more violent and gratuitous than ours, but they get less attention for it because it's in the context of, say, vampirism.

"Ours is so real, and its characters so recognisable, that it gets under the skin."

Anderson is also currently on our screens this month in the lavish BBC production of War And Peace playing socialite Anna Pavlovna Scherer in Tolstoy's epic story.

The production also stars Northern Ireland actor Stephen Rea as Vassily Kuragin in the six, 60-minute episodes of the tale of love and loss during the Napoleonic invasion of Russia during the reign of Alexander I.

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