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Gillian hands trial duty to Linford

Gillian McKeith passed out on live television when she was told the public had voted for her to face her sixth bushtucker trial.

The 50-year-old nutritionist - who had refused to take part in the trial the night before - collapsed and was given oxygen by medic Bob McCarron as treatment for her shock.

With Gillian ruled out on medical grounds, Linford Christie, who the public had voted in second place, was chosen to do the trial instead, and pretended to faint when he was told the news.

But the Olympic athlete was hailed a hero in the camp after he took part in the Unfairground trial and won 12 out of 13 stars to help feet his fellow celebrities.

Linford endured a series of gruesome situations to retrieve the stars, including a giant tombola which poured bugs over him and having to put his face into a vat full of maggots.

Former Bond girl Britt Ekland told him: "You were unbelievable."

It is the third time Gillian has collapsed on the show after being chosen to do a trial.

She refused to do the Dreaded Digger trial the day before, meaning she brought back no meals for her camp mates.

I'm A Celebrity bosses were worried the food expert would be chosen to do the live trial after scheduling 30 minutes of airtime to it and so introduced the new rule that if she refused to take part or collapsed they would allow the celebrity with the second highest vote to take part.

After her collapse the show cut to a commercial break and Gillian was ruled out on medical grounds, but Bob said: "I am treating Gillian. She had an anxiety attack but she is fine."


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