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Gillian McKeith faces another trial


Gillian McKeith faces another Bushtucker Trial

Gillian McKeith faces another Bushtucker Trial

Gillian McKeith faces another Bushtucker Trial

Gillian McKeith is to face another gruelling challenge in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! after fainting during the last task.

The petrified You Are What You Eat presenter had warned she was "going to pass out" when she was told that, to win food for her girls' camp, she would have to escape from a crate.

The drama on Monday night's show began on the jungle walkway on the way to the Bushtucker Trial when a ranger had to remove a cobweb after the 51-year-old insisted that a spider was blocking her path.

Gillian was pitted against former MP Lembit Opik, who won the trial for the boys' camp after he managed to free himself from shackles inside the crate and clamber through his underground escape tunnel.

But Gillian started to scream and panic when water began dripping into her crate, which, like Opik's, had rats inside it.

After she was helped out and released from her chains, the nutritionist fainted and had to be given oxygen by the medic.

She said afterwards: "I thought there was going to be tonnes of water on my face, I couldn't see the lock. I could feel myself passing out. I tried. I desperately tried. I have massive phobias that I'm facing. It's not like I'm not trying."

But there was no respite in sight for Gillian after the sadistic British public, titillated by her plight in the coffin, nominated her for another ghoulish challenge.

She will go head to head with no-nonsense Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder in the next Bushtucker Trial - School Dinners.