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Gina Bellman's pickpocketing skills

Gina Bellman has joked that she has become an expert pickpocket since playing a conwoman on TV.

The 45-year-old actress plays con artist Sophie Devereaux in US comedy drama Leverage and had to learn some new skills for the part.

She said: "Most actors are stimulated by new challenges, so I found it really exciting to be coached by our consultant Apollo Robbins to do the 'lifts' and pickpockets that we do in the show.

"Through playing Sophie I have become a pro at lifting wallets and phones!"

Gina, who was born in New Zealand but moved to the UK in her teens, has been starring in the show alongside Timothy Hutton for four years and believes part of the secret of its success is that it's "a little tongue in cheek".

She said: "It's not a show you have to follow religiously. You can tune in and pick up what's going on, and the fact it's a little tongue in cheek in this age of dark and serious drama, that seems to appeal to people."

:: The third series of Leverage starts on Tuesday, February 7 on FX.


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