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Giovanna Fletcher had sweet labour

Tom Fletcher's wife Giovanna has revealed how the singer fed her jelly babies while she was in labour.

The author admitted that the McFly and McBusted star was on hand during the birth of their first child, Buzz, on March 13.

"He saw it all and was incredible, feeding me jelly babies! You need each other, it's not a one-person job," she told OK! magazine.

"Hypnobirthing relaxation kept me calm. Tom was in shock because I was so calm. It was intense, with no drugs. Hypnobirthing is about listening to your body rather than fighting it."

Giovanna said she can't help worrying about their new baby, saying: "I'm settling into it well now. I still wake up all night to check he's breathing, though."

The 29-year-old also admitted the early stages of motherhood wasn't easy.

"Some people make out it's all rosy, but that can make some mums feel bad. My first three weeks were tough," she said.

"I thought I was a bad mum because everyone else was saying how amazing it is. You've got to persevere and it clicks into place. The sleep deprivation is tough. People in the public eye boast, which is unhelpful, and those who parade around with great bodies after giving birth - how is that possible?"

She added: "I couldn't even go for a walk for the first month. I ignored the pressures so I could heal and enjoy being a mum."

Tom has been shortlisted for the Marvel Celebrity Dad of the Year 2014.


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