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Girls Aloud's Kimberley lifts lid on her rift with Nadine Coyle

"I just didn’t know how to relate to her anymore - none of us diid"

There’s Something Kinda sad about how my friendship with Nadine Coyle fell apart.

That’s how Girls Aloud stunner Kimberley Walsh feels about her former bandmate — Londonderry lass Nadine Coyle.

In her bluntly honest autobiography, Girls Aloud’s blonde bombshell reveals:

  • how she and Nadine had once been so close that the distraught Derry girl had to be sedated at the thought of her leaving Popstars: The Rivals;
  • how they were like an “old married couple” in Girls Aloud’s early days — shopping together and sharing a joint bank account; and
  • the time when Nadine’s move to LA left Kimberley feeling that she “didn’t know how to relate to her anymore”.


In Kimberley’s book A Whole Lot Of History, she also recalls the many triumphant times during their 11 years at the top of the pop world between 2002 and 2013.

The TV talent show-manufactured girl band scored 20 consecutive UK Top Ten singles including The Sound Of The Underground, Something Kinda Ooh and I’ll Stand By You as well as enjoying platinum selling albums and sell out tours.

But it’s the 32-year-old’s recollection of her rollercoaster relationship with former best friend Nadine which is attracting major interest in her new book.

The Bradford born glamourpuss said that the pair had instantly bonded after meeting at the auditions for ITV’s precursor to The X Factor — Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.

Kimberley revealed that they were once so close that the then 16-year-old Northern Ireland girl became distraught at the prospect of her being voted off the show.

“Before one of the live shows, Louis (Walsh) walked up to Nadine and said ‘Kimberley’s going home tonight’ and she totally freaked out.

“We actually had to call the nurse to come and give her a tablet to calm her down.

“Nadine and I had become really close while we were in the house together and she simply couldn’t cope with the thought of me leaving.”

After the success of Girls Aloud’s first single the Christmas 2002 Number One, The Sound of the Underground, the pair even shared a flat together — and had a joint bank account.

“She fast became like family,” wrote Kimberley of Nadine.

But as Girls Aloud’s career skyrocketed, Kimberley revealed that her firm friendship with Nadine floundered when the Northern Ireland talent moved to the USA.

Said Kimberley: “In the end I felt like there was no common ground between us and I just didn’t know how to relate to her anymore — none of us did.”

Kimberley said that she and the other Girls Aloud members felt “like we’d been sucker-punched” when Nadine employed a solo manager without telling them.


She accused Nadine of “holding us to ransom” and, echoing the title of one of the group’s biggest hits, felt that she was even attempting to ‘call the shots’ over Girls Aloud’s future.

After a three-year band break between 2009 and 2012, Kimberley admitted that she was “uneasy” about a Girls Aloud tenth anniversary reunion — because of her broken relationship with Nadine.

Said Kimberley: “For me it was like going back in time and it stirred up memories of how bad things had got when we’d gone our separate ways three years before.

“I hadn’t set eyes on Nadine since the split and although I knew her so well, she seemed very distant from the rest of us.”

In spite of a ‘clear the air’ meeting with Nadine in 2012, problems reappeared during Girls Aloud’s final tour earlier this year.

Said Kimberley: “By the time we got to the actual shows, some of the old problems and niggles we had with Nadine started bubbling to the surface again. Nothing had really changed.”

And she admitted: “Nicola, Cheryl (Cole) and I have always remained close and I think that we’d have been friends even if we weren’t in a band together.

“But I’m not sure that would have been the case for me with Nadine or even Sarah.”

And a bitter taste in Kimberley’s mouth remains when she reflected on Nadine’s refusal to agree to a joint press release announcing the end of Girls Aloud last March.


“You can imagine our surprise when Nadine went public saying that she had no part in our decision to split and that she wanted the group to keep going.

“It was quite a hard piece of news to swallow because she never said any such thing to the rest of us and splitting up was what we’d always planned,” said Kimberley.


A Whole Lot Of History by Kimberley Walsh is on sale now — price £20.

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