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Glenister shocks diners with Suchet

Philip Glenister has revealed he once surprised diners by walking into a restaurant straight after David Suchet.

The Life On Mars actor said: "We went out for dinner in this very nice little pub hotel between Belfast and Bangor. David walked in first and people were looking and going, 'It's Poirot!' and then two seconds later I walk in and they're going, 'It's Gene Hunt! What's going on?' I think they were probably waiting for Bergerac to bring up the rear."

Philip next appears on screen in Hidden, in which he plays a small-time solicitor with a shady past.

He said: "It was a question of waiting for the right thing, especially having played Mr Hunt for the last five years."

He hasn't had much time to miss his iconic incarnation, he added, and besides, it was the right time to say goodbye.

"The bottom line is we did as much as we could with Life On Mars. When we did Ashes To Ashes, it was a risk," he revealed. "I was very uncertain originally and I wasn't happy with the first series, but then we got it back on track.

"It wasn't like I called time on it. We'd all agreed from day one that if the BBC was happy with it, we'd do three series and then call it a day."

:: Hidden is a four-part drama beginning on BBC One on Thursday, October 6.


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