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Go Sober for October vs celebrate Oktoberfest: Which will you do?

By Valerie Edwards

While many are gearing up for Oktoberfest, more than 50,000 others have chosen to Go Sober for October.

Go Sober is encouraging the UK to become soberheros and lay off the booze for only 31 days. Soberheros who kicked off the challenge on October 1 are in day six and still have 25 days left.

On the other hand, time is running out to participate in this year's Oktoberfest as there are only two weekends left to join in on the celebration.

Last week 10,000 people enjoyed beer, music, and food served by Heidi girls, a celebration similar to the Munich Beer Festival.

Which will you decide?

If you Go Sober for October you will join several thousand people who will refrain from booze for a month in support of the Macmillian Cancer Support group. The group provides services for cancer patients to ensure they don't have to face the illness alone.

But there just might be a way for you to do both. Go Sober offers participants the opportunity to purchase a Golden Ticket, which allows soberheros to take a one-day break from the 31-day-challenge and have a drink.

Golden tickets can be purchased at a minimum of £15.00 for one day. Oktoberfest will run on October 9-10 and again on October 16-17.

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