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Gok: I'm a skater boy at heart

Gok Wan may be known for his sharp suits and impeccable grooming, but the TV stylist has revealed he's most comfortable relaxing in a tracksuit.

"If I could split my wardrobe in half, half of it would be sports tracksuits, and half of it would be the clothes I wear to work," the How To Look Good Naked presenter said.

"If I had a choice I'd be wearing sweatshirts the whole time because I'm a bit of an old skater boy at heart. I do enjoy dressing up but I do look for comfort - I'm getting quite old."

Leicester-born Gok admitted people are shocked when they first encounter his casual alter-ego.

I remember doing an interview and they came over to my house to do it, I wasn't very well actually. I'd never let journalists into my home before," he recalled.

"It wasn't on camera and there were no photos so I was there in a pair of Ugg boots, tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie, and the journalist might as well have opened the door to Frankenstein. She was completely shocked and blown away, it was like I'd offended her. But yes, it does happen."

Gok, who's just launched his own range of designer glasses for Specsavers, is also preparing for a new series of his hit Channel 4 show.

But the fashion guru is keeping tight-lipped about what surprises are in store - and whether men will feature this time round.

"I'm going to be making a new version of How To Look Good Naked which I can't really talk about because it's still not hit the press yet but it's going to be a whole new one," he said.

"At the moment we're still casting. It's not so much a gender-orientated series, it's more to do with a specific community so there may be boys involved. I'm not sure."


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