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Gok: Tulisa, Kelly are working it

Gok Wan has given new X Factor judges Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland's style his seal of approval.

The TV fashion guru said both panellists were holding their own with their glamorous outfits - and can't wait for them to take things up a notch for the live shows.

"One of the guys who's styling Kelly is my old assistant so I've kind of got to be a little bit biased," he revealed.

"But I think Tulisa's doing a very good job too. They need to look a certain way for the auditions and then when they go into the studio we'll see the real competition."

Gok, who is fronting the Vodafone World of Difference charity campaign, also said comparisons between Tulisa and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole were wide of the mark.

"They're different people aren't they? They're totally different people. They're doing the same job but they're different people. It's like people comparing me with Trinny and Susannah," he added.

But he did admit there was one star whose style he found it hard to fathom - Lady Gaga.

"It's not her, it's me. I'm really old," he joked. "I think she's a phenomenon, I think she's a brilliant PR machine, she's now the most powerful woman in the world. But from a style point of view, it does confuse me."

As for Gaga's infamous meat dress, Gok added: "I'm vegetarian so you do the maths."

:: Gok Wan is the ambassador for Vodafone's World of Difference programme which gives people the chance to get paid while working for a charity of their choice. Check out


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