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Gok Wan: New show made me broody

Gok Wan has revealed his new show brought out his paternal side.

The TV stylist is helping teenagers with their body image on his new Channel 4 show Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth - and working with the youngsters left him feeling broody.

"I've always wanted children, I've always dreamed about being a father and making that series really brought out my paternal streak, and so I did feel like Papa Gok to all these amazing kids and felt incredibly protective of them really quickly, it was amazing," he revealed.

"I'd say 90 per cent of this show was built around my autobiography, the experiences that I went through - coming out, being mixed race, identity, eating disorder, obesity, bullying, that kind of thing. It's not easy but it made me a lot more sympathetic to be able to work with these teenagers because of what I'd gone through when I was younger."

But Gok insisted he'd lay down the law if he did have his own children.

"I think I probably would be a strict dad. I'm naughty Uncle Gok and I urge any children in my life to be quite naughty, but I think as a dad I'd be very different because I do have quite strong parenting opinions," he revealed.

The fashion guru is also ambassador for Vodafone's World of Difference programme, which gives hundreds of people the chance to get paid while working for a charity of their choice.

"It's almost like just having the largest shopping centre for charity ever," Gok explained.

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