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Goldie Hawn's relationship secrets

Goldie Hawn says she'll never marry - despite years of happiness with Kurt Russell.

The actress told Radio 4's Woman's Hour that she was happy not to change anything between the couple.

Asked how the relationship had survived when so many Hollywood couples split, she joked: "There's a trick. You have to like the way each other smell.

"I think it's that the pheromones haven't gone away. The chemicals are still popping."

She said of her relationship with the star: "You don't aways agree with your mate. You don't even like them sometimes. But there is something there that sparks you.

"You have to focus on that as you move on."

The star, mum to Almost Famous actress Kate Hudson, said: "I think Kurt's an extraordinary person. I love being with him and I love our family and I love our family life."

Kate and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy became parents to a baby boy last year.


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