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'Good luck' messages swamp Cotton

Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton has said she has become "very emotional" after being bombarded with good luck messages since announcing her impending departure from the station.

The DJ, 33, said she is learning to listen to her body again after announcing she is to become a mother for a second time.

She is married to Rolling Stones veteran Ronnie Wood's son Jesse, who has two older children. Cotton, who has a son, Rex, with Wood, - said: "It's been amazing actually. It was quite a shock to announce my departure (from Radio 1), I've had some lovely tweets and Facebook messages and emails from people - it's been very emotional, but very nice.

"It's so nice to have that moment where you can actually tell people because you go through a bit where you don't feel too great, and you're knackered and you're working so to have that news out there - to share the good bit and also for people to understand how you're feeling - is really lovely."

"As a family we're so excited, Rex and his older brother and sister are over the moon so we're really chuffed.

"It's seriously carb central at the moment and will probably remain until I give birth."

Recalling her decade on the radio station, Cotton said: " We've had so many brilliant moments, inclusive of the Live Lounge - so Adele doing a Live Lounge special, or Eminem, or Ed Sheeran most recently. Everyone from the world of music has graced the Live Lounge and been brilliant so I will take away so many fond memories forever."

Speaking at the Tesco Mum of the Year awards in London, the presenter said of her own experiences of motherhood and pregnancy: "I think all the cliche things that you ignore in your twenties come back into play - patience is a big one.

"In my twenties I was rushing around doing a million things, then as soon as you have a kid you have to stop, take stock of everything that's going and be patient. Pregnancy prepares you for that because you have to just listen to your body.

"Everything is slower and at an easier pace, but in a really good way. I look back at myself and see how manic my life was before, it's just manic in a different way now. Everything is so much fun the whole time."


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