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Good Morning Britain presenters hit right note with video of theme music

A new Good Morning Britain promo video shows all of the morning television presenters playing the popular opening music sequence on different office items - and pokes fun at Piers Morgan constantly being on his mobile phone.

Susanna Reid starts off the office "symphony" as she is featured humming the opening bars of the Good Morning Britain theme tune, while leafing through a newspaper.

The promo alludes to the fact that Morgan is always checking his mobile phone while on air and ends with his phone ringing and playing the GMB theme tune, as Reid nudges him to signal the breakfast show is about to begin.

Apart from Morgan and Reid, the clip also features Ben Shephard clicking his pen lid in tune to the theme song, and Dr Hilary Jones scribbling a note.

All of the other morning presenters including Kate Garraway, Ranvir Singh, Richard Arnold, Sean Fletcher and Laura Tobin also feature as they contribute by tapping out the theme song on various office objects.

:: Good Morning Britain airs on ITV weekdays from 6am to 8:30am.


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