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Goodman: Disney honour is nuts

John Goodman has modestly shrugged off being named a Disney Legend, saying: "They picked the wrong guy!"

John and his Monsters Inc and Monsters University co-star Billy Crystal were celebrated at the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California.

The actor joked: "It's nuts. They got the wrong guy! I don't belong here..."

But he added: "I couldn't be more honoured. Disney means quality, and for them to pick Billy and I out for this, it's an honour beyond words, I'm so grateful."

The 61-year-old Big Lebowski star voices the role of big furry blue monster Sully in the hit 2001 animation Monsters Inc, and this year's sequel Monsters University, with Billy as one-eyed green monster Mike.

John laughed when he was asked if he saw himself every time he saw pictures of Sully on posters, t-shirts and merchandise.

He chuckled: "I guess I do. But I try not to pay too much attention to it or it'll give me a swelled head. Bigger than I already got."


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