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Goody's debts diminish inheritance

Max Clifford has spoken of his sadness at reports that debts left by the late Jade Goody have wiped out most of her sons' inheritance.

Reality TV star Ms Goody, who was one of the publicist's clients, built up £1.8 million of debt, leaving her two young sons with less than £400,000 cash inheritance, The Sun reports.

The public relations guru said he could not confirm the figures but said providing for her sons after her death "meant everything to her".

Ms Goody, a former south London dental nurse, died in 2009 after battling cervical cancer.

It had been thought that the former Big Brother contestant had left her boys Bobby, eight, and Freddie, seven, an estate worth £2.2 million.

But reports suggest that £585,000 in unpaid income tax, £170,000 in mortgage arrears and more than £1million in other loans, payments and fees have wiped out much of the inheritance.

Mr Clifford said: "If it's true it's very sad because I know how much she wanted to provide for her boys and it meant everything to her.

"I know that she earnt a lot of money in the last year (before her death).

"All we did was try to make her as much money as we possibly could."

Ms Goody's sons live with their father, TV presenter Jeff Brazier.


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