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Gosling not comfortable with fame

Ryan Gosling has revealed his discomfort with the fame game.

Since starring in The Notebook and Blue Valentine, the Canadian actor, who is frequently recognised and asked for autographs, said stardom has made him feel discombobulated.

"It's like being in a dream. You don't know anybody, but everybody knows you, everybody reacts to you," he told US Esquire.

"You can be walking along in a dream, through a pretty normal world, and then bam, everything seems to be a response to your presence. Everything seems to be driven by you. And that's notable at first, and you deal with it. And then - and it happens every time - you become aware it's a dream."

The 30-year-old actor added: "Right about then, when you think you have it figured, and that acknowledging that will make it easier, it inevitably becomes a nightmare."

Ryan, who next stars in Crazy Stupid Love opposite Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, feels like he has developed two personas in order to deal with it.

"I think I was always bound to become two selves, if I wasn't already," he continued.

"Now there's this me, this public me, and I know that I have become two people. Even my own name sounds like just someone I know."


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