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Goss asks for miracle for mum

Matt Goss has issued a plea for support, asking fans to pray for a miracle for his mother Carol.

The former Bros singer's Twitter post, which saw him reaching out to his followers, was retweeted by his twin brother Matt as well as their friend, presenter Melanie Sykes.

" I am asking for everyone for ONLY this: pray for rapid healing for my mum Carol NOW please," he wrote, adding: "We need a miracle please pray for her NOW."

Melanie added: "My dear friends @LukeGoss & @mattgoss and me are praying for a miracle. Their beautiful mother Carol is very ill. Such sad news."

In February, Matt - who has not revealed or offered details of his mother's current status - said she had undergone chemotherapy for cancer and had been given the all-clear before Christmas.

"We've got the next five years to get through but I was ecstatic when we got that news," he said.

"My mum handled the illness with so much grace and composure - I didn't think it was possible for me to love her any more than I did already but how she dealt with it was very inspiring."


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