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Grabol: I want Lund to find love

Sofie Grabol thinks it's about time her character in The Killing found love.

The Danish actress plays the sweater-wearing detective Sarah Lund in the crime series, which is currently filming its third series.

She said she would like Lund to find love after a string of failed relationships.

"Learning to trust men again is definitely going to be the big challenge for her. She is a very self-protecting person, she doesn't let anyone in, so it's not going to be easier, but you want her to, I want her too. So now I'm shooting the third series, we'll see what we can do," said Sofie.

The actress added that events of the second series, which came to its gripping finale on BBC Four at the weekend, have changed Lund, and caused her to reassess her way of life.

"The question is whether she can burn her candle at both ends, whether you can keep on doing that," she said.

The third series - which is likely to be the last - concerns the mysterious death of a sailor and takes Lund into the depths of the financial world.

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