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Green: You won't see dad on screen!

Made In Chelsea's Chloe Green has revealed she's banned her dad, Topshop mogul Sir Philip Green, from appearing on the show.

The 20-year-old said she was loving her time on the show - but wasn't expecting her father to join her on screen.

"I've kind of done it as my thing, so I've told him he can't be on it!" she revealed at the Captain Morgan's Spiced party in London.

Chloe, who is working on her own shoe collection, added: "He says it's been really good, he enjoys watching me on TV. It's fun for my parents. As long as I stick to working on my shoes, they'll be happy."

Despite enjoying her new-found celebrity, the heiress insisted she wouldn't be giving up her designing work.

"I've always been a worker. My dad brought my brother and I up in a working environment, and the whole TV thing is so new to me, I still have a lot of things I want to do fashion-wise and I'll always do that," she said.

"I think the more episodes are coming out, the more I'm getting recognised. It's really strange. It's kind of nice as well to meet the people who watch the show and nice to see the support that there is behind it. It's fun."


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