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Greg James escapes from locked room after solving Ainsley Harriot clue

He was in the room for almost 30 hours.

Greg James eventually found the code (Mark Allan/PA)
Greg James eventually found the code (Mark Allan/PA)

Greg James has escaped a locked room after solving a complex series of clues with the help of Radio 1 listeners.

The BBC presenter was trapped in the room for around 30 hours, with audiences tuning in to watch him crack a six-digit code and gain his freedom.

James eventually escaped in a blaze of fireworks after deciphering the convoluted clues left for him, with the help of Radio 1 fans on Twitter.

The code was ultimately found in an Ainsley Harriot cookbook, with the number masked in a section about bread.

His eventual escape came after more than a day in the room, following the presenter being blindfolded and led away. Radio 1 listeners quickly began offering tips to try and get James out of captivity.

Radio 1 tweeted on his exit: “Greg James was blindfolded in the middle of his Radio 1 Breakfast Show before being taken to the R1EscapeRoom and locked in until you helped him find the code.

“Nearly 30 hours later he is out and how it happened will blow your mind. Thank you.”

The presenter posted: “Done. My god that was mad. Thank you for cracking it with me.”

He tweeted following his escape, explaining the subtle clues left for him, which began with a game of hangman and led via a jigsaw puzzle, a mirrored clock, and a recipe book, to the final code.



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