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Grime artist Stormzy: Affluent address won't change my style or behaviour

Grime star Stormzy has said he will not change the way he dresses or acts based on the affluent neighbourhood he now lives in.

The singer, whose real name is Michael Omari, recently had the front door of his west London house broken in by the Metropolitan Police.

He claimed they had thought he was a burglar, tweeting: "Woke up to Feds destroying my front door coz apparently I'm a burglar who burgles his own home. @metpoliceuk need your bank details still."

Talking to Hunger magazine, he said: "I'm gonna live where I live. I'm gonna have my hood up, wear all black and I'm gonna be in a first class lounge, or in this mad restaurant, or in this posh hotel and be like, 'Oh, you didn't think young black people could be here?'"

The rapper's debut album, Gang Signs And Prayer, shot to the top of the UK album charts last week after racking up the most first-week streams for a number one album in history.

The 23-year-old told the fashion, arts and culture publication, which is the brainchild of fashion and portrait photographer John Rankin, about his path to success, which has seen him release music independently of a record label.

He said: "I've never seen a major label know what to do with black artists."

The British musician has had a successful 2017 so far, which has included a performance alongside Ed Sheeran at the Brit Awards, followed by a few surprise gigs for his fans at London venues.

"There's gonna be way more successful young black people coming through," he told Hunger, adding: "So I'm just here saying, 'Look you better get ready because there's bare of us, hundreds of us, coming and we look like this and we dress like this and we talk like this and we're here."

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