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Grimshaw gets degree result on air

Nick Grimshaw was apparently left red-faced when he found out he had failed his degree live on air.

The radio star studied communications and business at Liverpool University 11 years ago but never attended his graduation ceremony and had no idea how he had done, reported the Daily Star.

But this week he was joined on his breakfast show by Educating Yorkshire star Matthew Burton for a mock graduation ceremony, where it was revealed that he had been given an "unclassified" result.

It seems Nick, 29 - who dressed up in a gown and mortarboard for his unofficial graduation - didn't get enough credits to get his full degree.

The stunned star said: "I went to all the lectures! I bought all the books! They're b****y expensive."

However, Mr Burton did present the star with an Undergraduate Diploma in Higher Education.

Nick said: "I think I'd rather fail it, the only person that's going to be mad about this is my dad, he's going to be like genuinely furious, he's going to be so annoyed."

But despite his result, Nick later seemed to see the bright side of the situation, tweeting: "YAY i finaly graduated! and with Mr Burton!!"


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